Friday, 30 May 2008

New Updates in my research page

I just realized that my research page it is a little bit difficult to manage and that I was using my wiki like a blog. So I will do some changes. Among them I plan to integrate and use more web 2.0 technologies, e.g. I will add my papers in CiteUlike, I will manage my links in with tags, I will post some news using twitter and Yahoo Pipes and so on. Probably I even will start using Google Sites to host the pages instead of the university infrastructure.

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Dorai said...

It may be worthwhile setting up a Ning network to co-ordinate all these. We did it for program4thefuture.

Create a yahoo pipe that integrates stuff from twitter (search), delicious, flickr, youtube and blogsearch.

Syndicate the RSS feed in Ning. Create a small community to comment on articles or even add new ones.

I tried a FriendFeed Room, A Facebook group and Ning. I wish all of them had a good wiki support in the backend.