Thursday, 1 May 2008

DDoS attacks in the Olympics?

According to Jean-Michel Louboutin, Executive Director of Interpol Police the main security risk in the Olympic Games is the physical security of the visitors (and Chinese people as well). I agree with that, however I think that in the interview with PCWorld he subestimate the effect of a DDoS attack. The Chinese Internet infrastructure might be stronger against a DDoS than Estonian, but in a synchronized attack some services such as news reports or the Internet communication of visitors may be compromised. It is true that according to MessageLabs the infamous botnet "Storm" seems to shrunk; although these are good news (and less DoS could be launch) we are not sure if the small size of Storm is due to better security practices or just that another group of hackers has taken control of the botnet.

I read a comment in the Bruce Schneier's Blog about security: Never say "never", "this is impossible", "this will not happen". I honestly wish to be wrong, but I am sure that it will be more than one attack against the olimpyc infrastructure and at least one will success.

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