Saturday, 8 August 2009

DoS/DDoS news resources

Considering the hype about DoS and DDoS in the last days as consequence of attacks to Twitter, Facebook and LiveJournal I decided to include some of my information sources in this blog. I did some redesign of the right bar. I included some DoS and DDoS news, they are a set of news manually selected by me. I take the news from different sources and I apply some basic filtering and data-mining I come with them. They can be also accessed here if you want to include them in your RSS reader.

"Security news from Twitter" are posts about DoS/DDoS attacks collected from twitter. This is a little bit noisy with around 30-50 posts per day. Some of the posts are repeated or uninterested (from my perspective) but it works as a source for my tools that extract some information for them. The raw feeds are here and here.

Finally I included some general IT security news from twittsecurity. Twittsecurity is a bot that shares security news in Twitter. It searches and selects IT security news using a hybrid method (automatic and human assisted). Feel free to follow it.

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psd_prasad said...

i need to flood packets in a node how to do that is there any way in ns2 if we give droptail means packets are dropped after the node. my point is the packet is not dropped in that end node. The packets are needed to be flooded