Saturday, 8 August 2009

DoS/DDoS news resources

Considering the hype about DoS and DDoS in the last days as consequence of attacks to Twitter, Facebook and LiveJournal I decided to include some of my information sources in this blog. I did some redesign of the right bar. I included some DoS and DDoS news, they are a set of news manually selected by me. I take the news from different sources and I apply some basic filtering and data-mining I come with them. They can be also accessed here if you want to include them in your RSS reader.

"Security news from Twitter" are posts about DoS/DDoS attacks collected from twitter. This is a little bit noisy with around 30-50 posts per day. Some of the posts are repeated or uninterested (from my perspective) but it works as a source for my tools that extract some information for them. The raw feeds are here and here.

Finally I included some general IT security news from twittsecurity. Twittsecurity is a bot that shares security news in Twitter. It searches and selects IT security news using a hybrid method (automatic and human assisted). Feel free to follow it.